Use to protect your bitcoin transactions is one of the best cryptocurrencymixers that is used by most bitcoin owners. The best thing about this mixer is that it provides instant mixing. So, if you are also the owner of Bitcoin, make sure that you definitely use this service to protect your anonymity.

Pseudo-anonymity of Bitcoin

Blockchain is a database, a chain of information blockswhere bitcoins and transactions with themact in the role of information. So, this chain is completely open, and anyone can see what’s going on there. Of course, you will not see the names and addresses in the blockchain, but you can easily track how many bitcoins and where were sent, and even calculate how manybitcoins are there on this or that purse.


It would seem that there is nothing bad if someone will know about the operations of your bitcoin-address because there is no personal data. But this is an imaginary security. The data about you cannot be found until you give yourself out: withdraw money to your card or paid for the goods with the delivery. Proof of this is the large number of high-profile cases that have been raised recently against various criminal elements who have taken payment in bitcoins.

What is bitcoin mixer?

Bitcoin mixer is the service that mixes bitcoins of its users. One of such services is You need to do the following to use its services:

  • Register on the website of the mixer
  • Send the bitcoins to the specified address
  • Wait for a certain amount of time
  • Get your bitcoins minus a little fee

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