How did I get fired from work because of enlarged veins

Hi everyone, Mark here. Everyone are saying that varicose veins are a woman’s disease, but I would not agree with that. Three years ago I got them. I work as a shopkeeper and spend most of my time on my feet and my veins have been constantly under pressure.

I got a lot of little knots in every place. My legs looked terrible, but that was not the only problem. The trouble started when they began to hurt me, when I could no longer stand on my feet. I thought I would be out of work because nobody would have a worker who was barely standing on his feet. I needed a solution and I needed it fast.

My search

I tried everything. I asked for help from people who have already faced this problem. I thought that everything was in vain when most of them told me that they still had extended veins and that this problem could not be solved.

I did not know what to do. I asked local herbalist for help. I thought she will have a solution for everything. But the creams and teas I received did not help me. They just took away my precious time which I had very little, while my condition grew worse over time.

Vein Stopper Cream

I waited for a long time and in the end I decided to consult with a doctor. If someone knows how to deal with varicose veins, then that’s him. After many tests and various examinations, the doctor told me that the only solution for me is venous surgery.

He told me everything about how the operation would look like and what would be achieved. But I was wondering how long it would take to recover because I can not get out of business for a long time. What I heard did not encourage me. Recovery requires a lot of rest and at least one month of wearing an elastic bandage. I told all this to the employer with the hope that he will have understanding for my condition. To my great surprise he said there would be no problems.

Vein surgery and nightmare recovery

The surgery is scheduled for 48 hours after examination. I was very nervous waiting for that moment. But I had no reason to be, the operation went out just fine. And the next day I was released for home treatment. The boss even sent me a message to ask how I was. It was a very nice gesture.

Ten days after surgery, I went to take out the threads. Upon returning home, I did not even know what was waiting for me. As I entered the yard, I saw a well-known car – the boss’s car. I thought he came to visit me and see if I was okay. I can say that it also looked like he brought a couple of gifts.

However, those gifts were just a ruse and everything was a lie. He came to deliver me a firing notice. He told me that my recovery is too long and that they can not wait for me anymore. My recovery turned to hell. The only good thing that happened to me was that I resolved the varicose veins.

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